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Vladimir Pajevic is Italian Painter, living and working in Rome. Born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1948, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts gaining a Master’s degree in painting in 1973. He is an advocate of figurative painting, and from the beginning of his career was a part of the movement of Metaphysical art that was active at the Belgrade academy. He has participated in many international exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, Monte Carlo and former Yugoslavia. In the early stages of his career, he was based in Switzerland where he collaborated with major galleries (Steinmann, Mummental, Spirale …), and in 1978 he moved permanently to Italy. “I have always considered my painting as manual ability to repeat imaginary worlds and to narrate equally imaginary stories from it. That is why I am still in search of my Wonderland, of my Neverland…. My invented world, where from I am sending illustrated postcards and where I am playing the role of strolling artist, in a place with no time, no frontiers and no fixed laws, where nature is winning the game and regaining the possession of once lost goods.” Quantum have represented Pajevic since March 2019. In November 2019, Vladimir won a medal at the prestigious Serbian biennale, the Grand Prix ‘Milena’.

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