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Jenny lives and works from her studio in Alderley Edge Cheshire. She has been painting professionally since completing a diploma in Art and Design in 2002 after running her own interior design company for 9 years. Quantum has exhibited her work since 2008 at Art Fairs in London, America, Canada and the Far East. She also exhibits annually in St Ives and at private exhibitions with a group of Cheshire artists and Craftspeople called “Art off the Edge” based in Alderley Edge. Jenny says of her work: “Much of my work is landscape based – inspired by my travels in the UK and abroad. I am interested in rural and urban landscape and use sketches and photographs as the starting point for a piece. I allow the effects achieved with the mediums I use to guide the direction of the work. I try to incorporate interesting textures into my work by the overlaying of paint and collage and also the rubbing and scraping away of paint to reveal layers beneath. I aim to capture the essence of a place – an emotional response rather than an accurate representation. Thus my paintings which begin from a photograph, sketch or a memory often take on a life of their own led by the medium and the method of applying the paint. It is sometimes a process of experimentation, a balance between control and letting go and taking risks. Too much control for me leads to a flat and dull outcome, too little control to disharmony and chaos. With a spontaneous style it is impossible to predict the outcome or replicate previous paintings. This gives the final work energy, harmony and spontaneity. The great painter Turner said “A painting is principally an expressive arrangement of primary materials” This seems to sum up perfectly how I feel about my work.

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