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Based in Capetown, South Africa, Cliffy Brown joined Quantum in January 2021. His paintings are incredibly impactful, not just because of their giant scale, but because of their vibrancy, colour and immediacy. The girls engage us visually – coquettish, playful, seductive, demanding – and all with serious attitude! On the walls of a house they look like the guests who are having the most fun at the party……. In addition to being dramatic portraits, Cliffy has incorporated his fascination with the Cosmos, and its micro counterpart, the Atom. He is particularly interested in the behaviour of atoms in our universe – they are the basis of all existence. The macro and micro, male and female, light and dark, good and bad, love and fear are repetitive themes explored in his style, "Anatomica". His vibrant figures are painted using atomic diagrams and patterns - a cosmic reconstruction of the atomic nature of existence. They reflect the wonder behind reality and the beauty that lies beneath the observable universe. Themes such as the elements, colour, heat, space and time are also important in his paintings.

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