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Born in north east England in 1989, Chris Polunin was encouraged to paint from a young age. He was always most interested in the art of the 19th century and his search for traditional education in art led him to Florence and Edinburgh where he underwent rigorous training based on that of 19th century ateliers. In a world of modern, abstract art, Chris has always looked to move against the grain, a search for meaning and emotion in beauty and nature. His subjects are numerous and driven by a constant curiosity and he believes that his visual questions can be answered more accurately by painting directly from the subject. ‘I am a classically trained painter with a strong interest in capturing nature in all its forms. With society increasingly disregarding the environment, I am all the more determined to uphold nature’s beauty in my art. Whenever possible I work directly from life because visual truth is only possible when seeing directly. Being immersed in the atmosphere of the subject is the most effective way to capture its essence and mood. Light is the most important factor in this; without experiencing it firsthand we miss the essential subtleties that make a thing beautiful. My work – especially en plein air – is done with urgency to capture fleeting lighting effects. To convey these moments and feelings to others is my primary aim as an artist. The urgency of a plein air painting is always immersive and exciting while a portrait drawn from life will be a more truthful and wholistic portrayal of the sitter.’ Quantum have represented Polunin since March 2019.

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